Self Diagnosis
  A brush does not rotate  
autolaveuse rotowash > Switch power off, remove the brushes and make sure that nothing is caught (eg Cleaning cloth,trash bag etc)
> Re-fit brushes and attempt to rotate brushes by hand. If unable to turn or only one brush turns, contact you local service provider.
  The machine makes a loud noise when in operation  
  > Stop the machine immediately.
> Contact your local service provider.
The machine leaves traces on the ground
> Check the wear on your brush with the brush gauge provided. If they are less than 12mm you must change your brushes, as shown in the video above.
> Replace the recovery blade, as shown in the video above..
> Check for wear on the blue recovery drum (deep scratches) to ensure thye recovery blade makes correct contact.
  The machine does not start : :  
autolaveuse rotowash
> Check that the power cable has not pulled from the wall socket.
> Make sure the wall socket is in good condition (plug another device in to test).
> Make sure the machine protection switch is not tripped: To reset (refer operators manual); press reset button with a pen on based mounted models, or reset rocker switch on handle mounted units. Always wait 60 seconds after resting the switch. Unsure; contact your local service provider.

> Unplug machine from wall socket, inspect 10m power cable. If damaged you must contact your local service provider to replace before operating the machine again.
> Check the 1.2m cable and plug from the handle to the base in correctly inserted. ( Model B ).

autolaveuse rotowash
minimum pressure
The machine trips frequently:
> Check the brush contact pressure setting: decrease pressure
> Check the wear on your brush with the brushwear gauge (check video above), if they are less than 12mm you must change your brushes(check video above).
> Especially reduce brush contact pressure setting after fitting new brushes.
> Check that your brushes are correct for floor covering.
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  The water does not flow: :  
autolaveuse rotowash > Make sure the tank valve is open.>
> Remove the water tank clean and make sure the water spreader bar outlets are not blocked

The water does not come out through the nozzle (version B)
> Unscrew the nozzle and spray (View video above), if water is flowing, clean or replace the nozzle.
> Check the flow direction of the filter assembly (attention to models before 2002 The filter is inside the pump unit, unscrew the input connector of the pump unit and clean the screen).
> Disconnect the socket, make sure the water flows.
> Check pump is operating, if not contact local service provider.




Rotowash Parts Book

View Parts Book R20 - R60.


rotowash operators manuel

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Self Diagnosis / Tips